Saturday, August 11, 2007

8 weeks to go - upping the mileage

Each week, the mileage increases. The LSD (long slow distance) runs get longer. Today was an experiment with testing out a section of the Portland Marathon course. 17.6 miles of it to be exact. I wanted to see how the back half of the course felt. Specifically the run up to the St. Johns Bridge. Everything went great through 14 miles, although I seem to have an issue with the concept of slow... LSD runs should be about 30-45 seconds slower than race pace. The last 3.6 were at what I'm considering to be 30 seconds slower than race pace. The first 14 were in the 7:10 average pace. It was tiring towards the end, but it felt good overall. I still need to work out a few bugs, but there's plenty of time for that.

Running isn't too painful, but lately that first 1/2 mile and when I stop are a bit hard on the old body. I can't complain though, things are progressing nicely...

Off to vacation now for the next week! woohoo!!!

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