Sunday, August 5, 2007

9 weeks to go...

So, the real reason why I started this blog was mainly so that I'd start to track the last 9 weeks of training to go before the Portland Marathon. I had a slight derailing of my training and race schedule due to an illness (the first week of my marathon training) in July, but I'd rather have it then than in 8 weeks. I've run 2 road races, 2 duathlons, and a few bike races for training. On the road I did an 8k (6:33 pace) and a 12k (tough, hilly course, still kept my pace under 7 min - with a mild injury to my calf). My duathons were a sprint (5k, 25k, 5k) and Olympic (5k, 40k, 10k) distance. In both I ran sub-7 mile pace (the 10k was 6:50 after a horrible 40k bike with lower back spasms).

On the track, I run repeat 800's weekly (or when I'm not traveling for work or sick). The last set I ran was 5 x 3 min pace with 1/4 recovery. The last 800 was in 2:46. They say that a 3 hour marathoner can run repeat 800's @ 3 min pace (it's not a guarantee that if you can run repeat 800's in 3 min that you can run a 3 hour marathon). 3 hours is a magical number in the marathon world. I'd love to make that, but my true goal is 3:20:59 - qualifying time for Boston.

To be successful in running you need realistic goals, and you need to stick to the training to hit those goals. Keep the focus on the main event, not the training races or the workouts. They are important, but it's OK to have a bad day in training (and I've had a few).

Where I'm at today. I'm hurting a little, but I have a massage appoinment this week to take the knots out of my back (the result of 12 hours of flying and 6 hours stuck in flooding last week). My long runs are getting longer and I'm almost finished with experimenting with shoes, socks, shorts, etc. I wish I could stop those damn blisters from forming every LSD run, but haven't found the right combination (including foot powder, body glide, and a variety of socks).

Overall, the outlook is positive. I have 9 weeks to build up to the event and I'm confident I will meet my goals.

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