Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is it possible to ever have "too much"?

121 inches in 8 days... many ski resorts would KILL to have this much snow in one season. We had that in one week. This isn't your normal run of the mill Cascade concrete, this is the good shit. No Mad Dog 20/20 here... this is the 15 year Scotch of snow. In all my years living in the PNW, I've never seen snow like this. Never. This is the kind of deep powder junkies like me dream of. This is the ticket booth on the HRM side of Mt. Hood Meadows. That is a LOT of snow.

Snow settled in at base: 182 inches (as of 2 PM today)

This is what I felt like being up in that snow...

It's been years since I've been up to the mountain this many times. Probably over 12 years ago to be more precise. Sure I probably should be getting in more long runs on the weekends, but for now I'm a junkie. This was trip #6 and it keeps getting better every single time.

I must have a day in Heather Canyon to complete this year.

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