Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet Tasty Powder...

It was supposed to be a "light snow year" up on Mt. Hood. Well, somebody LIED!!! That or they forgot to tell Mother Nature this... I got the 10x pass this year thinking I'd put it to good use. So far that's 5 trips up into some great snow days.

Yesterday was unfreakingbelievable! Light, fluffy powder everywhere. The base is around 137" and there's more that was dumped last night. Last time I was up, it was a wet, heavy snow. Not bad since it slows you down, but wet sucks. But yesterday... wow... the kind of snow that when you carve a perfect turn, the light powder poofs up into your face as you carve your way down the mountain. It's been a banner year and the snow level is absolutely amazing!

I live for days like yesterday. Powder like that puts a perma-grin on your face like nothing else. It's up there with puppy breath and puppy licks. Speaking of which, my awesome neighbors just got a Mastiff-Sheppard mix. Porter is his name and he's one cool pup. He's going to be huge, perhaps even bigger than fatty. Although 154 pounds is a touch challenge for the young Porter to reach. I have faith in him. Lilly has no idea what to do with puppies. She wants to play, but she can get out of control too quick. All 10 week old Porter wants to do is air-hump everything... lol

What do you expect for a dog named after a dark winter brew???

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