Sunday, December 7, 2008

Feeling the need, the need for speed...

So the job's been going quite well. I've spent time volunteering for the Border Clash XC meet and the Nike Cross Nationals. So much fun helping out and being a part of these big events for HS runners. I wish they had some of them back in my day, but at least now I do get to help out with the meets.

My speed work has been going very well lately. I'm pushing the tempo to see what I can do. Last week I did a 2k at threshold in 7:05, which is pretty fast considering what I've been doing. That should roughly work out to a 17:40ish 5k, so I figured I'd give the Jingle Bell 5k a shot to see what I could do. I went out a little too fast, but I don't think that had any significant bearing on the race. 5:24 at the mile, about 11:15 at the 2 mile and 17:55 at the finish. So, not a bad effort at all. I'm happy with the progress and that's all that matters... for now... ;-)

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