Friday, August 14, 2009

Starting over

So after a rather long hiatus, I have started the road back again. Back in May I started to have some problems with my plantar fascia. Ironically it was on the left foot... which didn't make me happy at all. I tried to run through June but quickly realized that I was going to need to shut it down for a while.

A quick trip to the doc confirmed what I already knew. The therapy included lots of stretching and sleeping with a night splint. Do you know how fun it is to sleep with one of those on when it's 100 degrees out and approaching 80 in the house? Not very... but I will admit that it did help tremendously.

Through August I was able to start back up running again but was limited initially to 4-5 miles at a slow pace and could not run consecutive days. Even then I thought that I may need a shot to get through this.

So here we are now... it's September and I've avoided the need for shots, I'm back to being able to run consecutive days, and I've been able to actually test out the strength of my foot. I've lost speed and lots of endurance, but I really can't complain.

I ran a 3k XC race with the kids last night and although I was slower than I thought I could do (probably because I was more focused on pushing Andrea than my own time - she nailed her predicted time!), it went very well. 11:46 for this old phart...

Pints to Pasta is a go! It won't be my best performance, but it will be good to race again.

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