Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Final Countdown...

This is it. 9 months of getting back into running. 14 weeks of marathon specific training. Track workouts, tempo runs, 21 mile LSD, intervals, countless massages, nutrition habits. Everything down to picking the right socks and shoes. It's all in preparation for this Sunday.

In a matter of days, I'll join the masses and become a marathoner. While many train just to say they did it, this is deeper. This is about being a runner. There is no doubt that running is the one thing that I've always been good at.

As a teen in HS, I had a dream of one day going to the Olympics. I chose the path of a military life and that was the end of that dream (although, I was at the 88 Olympics in Seoul, but only as a spectator). Portland is my Olympic Trials. Boston will be my Olympics.

I went back to Eugene once and ran through the UO and up to Pre's rock. Finishing on the Tom and Bill McChesney Memorial Track (SEHS) was inspiring to me. It was where I once stood out as a descent runner. This last weekend I went to San Jose for a quick in and out (Dave Matthews Band concert). As a kid I used to run every morning to stay in shape for soccer... not always by choice, but I did it.

Running defined me. Running was my escape. My body knows what to do, now it's time to Just Do It.

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