Thursday, October 25, 2007

World Series

Some people waited a lifetime for the Sox to win a series. After tonight, they are on the brink of doing it twice in my lifetime. Simply amazing...

Since mid-April, they led the AL East division. From leading the Yankees by 14 1/2 games down to 1 1/2 games... to clinching the East. Sweeping the Angels, coming back from 3-1 to beat the hapless Indians. Now the Rox, who were 21 for their last 22 games heading into the Series, have lost 2 straight. One major blowout, one close one dealt by the cunning Schill and upstart Oki-doki and "Twinkle Toes" Paps.

Onto Coors Stadium. Bring it! We know Beckett will take the mound in Game 5 if the Rox manage to win one, that's money. It would be so sweet to be able to win it in front of the Boston fans at Fenway, but we'll take the win at Coors if we have to...

I love this Nation!

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