Friday, April 25, 2008

The other side of the pillow...

When you're hot, you're hot... when you're not... life stinks.

OK, first major negative post of the year. Since the Race for the Roses, I've been battling IT band problems. First 2 days were OK, but very tight. Took a day off and rested, iced, stretched. Got in 2 solid runs and was happy with the progress. Did a 10.5 miler on the following Sunday and the wheels came off the bus. My IT band hurt bad around my knee. Very bad...

Took 3 days off, tried to run 2 miles and couldn't. Saw the doc and we did some manipulations to release the IT band. New shoes. Tried 2 miles on the dreadmill and that was OK, minimal pain. Tried to run the next day (Sunday) and had to stop within the first mile. Another 3 days of rest, ice, rehab and then deep tissue massage on the lower back, hips, and left leg. I felt a noticable difference in my range of motion, so I thought things would be better.

Tried to run again (4.8 miles). It would get tight, I'd walk, stretch, walk, then run again. Repeat as necessary (every mile?). Last night after that run, it was hell. No amount of ice, no position, nothing felt good.

Note: At this point, many runners can become destructive, depressed, or just plain cranky.

Eugene is in 9 days. It's looking extremely bleak to run even the 5k there (the half and full marathon are not looking even remotely possible). I'm taking another day off, I'll try aquajogging tomorrow and Sunday, but I'm about ready to throw in the towel.

Yup, I'm pissed and not in the best of moods for a Friday. I wanted this race badly and managed to screw it all up with an injury that I can't run through. I should be thankful that I can do these things, but it's not easy to see that when it hurts this much.

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