Sunday, August 31, 2008

5 weeks to Portland...

It's like deja-vu all over again...

The training has been going well, perhaps not as much mileage as I should be at, but it's about quality more than anything else. I put in a 17.26 mile run yesterday, which went exceptionally well. I was trying to run a very easy pace so that I had energy at the end. I also wanted to be relaxed and feel like I wasn't running hard. Easy being the mantra of the day. At the half mark, I was around 1:36, certainly not as easy as I had intended it to be, but I felt strong and relaxed. The final average pace was 7:33. My "goal" (Boston cutoff) pace is 7:38.

My feet were a little tender, but that may be in part due to the Hood 2 Coast last weekend. That took most of the week to recover from, and I'm still not at 100%. So, there's still work that needs to be done. I need to continue focusing on rehabing the tight, sore areas. I need to get in at least an 18 and a 20 (I'd be better off if I could get in a 20 and a 22) and stay injury free.

The kids motivate me. Watching them run is like a breath of fresh air. I miss the "good ol'" days of running XC. Coaching them has been a good distraction for me and more importantly, I think several of them will benefit from my wisdom (how scary is that!).

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