Sunday, February 15, 2009

Surviving hell week...

So this last week was a double edged sword. At work we're transitioning some of the desks and I'm starting to combine 2 challenging desks into one... yay team! On top of that, I had one of my hardest running schedules since high school and I stuck with it (it wasn't pretty at times either).

Monday - rest... ahhh...

Tuesday - 8x1000m w/200m (65 sec) recovery. It was supposed to be progressive, but I kept it at 3:33 per km (~5:36 mile pace) within 2 seconds, going 3:30 on the last one. Tough, but I did it.

Wednesday - ran in the late afternoon 8 miles @ 7:11 ave pace

Thursday - group run 6.8 miles @ 7:23 ave pace on soft surfaces (Nature Trail)

Friday - I tried out a new route to get in a 4 mile tempo after warming up. The route didn't work in my favor to make this a good tempo, so I made the best of it going 6:10, 6:34, 6:48, and 6:23. 7.5 miles total for today.

Saturday - Last run on the test shoes (yay), so I did an "easy" 8.8 @ 7:06 pace. It felt slower than it was in reality, so I can't complain. My legs were lead from everything up to this point too.

Sunday - Leif Erickson, group run w/BAC... I'm really out classed by these guys, but they do push me to run harder and stronger. I needed to get in 18-20 and they were only doing 15, so as they began to push the pace, I dropped back only wanting to be 7:20-7:30 pace around mile 4. So my total was 19.4 miles @ 7:23 average pace. This was not an easy run as the terrain is tough, sloppy in spots, constantly going up and down, rocky, but it is a good place to get in a great workout.

Total mileage for the week is about 58 and I've run about 270 miles since my training officially started. Next week I get an extra rest day (yay!), but Sunday will be another 20-23 mile run.

It might be time for a nap...

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