Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week 11... the best so far

Overall this was a great week of training. The new office location has some promising routes which gives me hope for being so far out in the middle of nowhere now.

Tuesday: 4 x 2K @ stamina; 7:20, 7:20, 7:27, 7:28 w/90 seconds rest between intervals. Felt great, could have done one more, maybe 2, but didn't want to push it.

Wednesday: Checking out new routes, 7 miles along the Rock Creek MUT and connecting trails. Averaged 7:13 pace. Good recovery from yesterday.

Thursday: Group run through Oak Hills. 7 miles @ 7:11 ave.

Friday: Puke. Long warm up, then 2x600 x/200 jog recovery (2:00 pace w/60 sec recovery), right into 6x300 w/60 second recovery (jog back to the start); consistent 55-57 second pace on the 300's. This was also done in the heavier trainers (which resulted in a tight calf and sore arches the next day). I'll be glad to be done with product testing next week...

Saturday: Had to pack this one in a little quick; 8.2 miles @ 7:08 pace. Not bad considering how I felt at the start (see above whine). Went to see Coraline after, great movie, highly recommend watching the 3D version. Way cool effects!

Sunday: 16.2 miles, same as last week with an extended wander into and through Mary S Young Park. Billy thought we were out faster, we weren't. Averaged 7:11 pace. From mile 9-11, picked it up to 6:50 pace. I would have liked to add another mile, but nature was calling. Besides, the week had gone well so end it on a high note.

51 miles this week. They were mostly all quality miles too. I hope to continue to have 2 hard days per week and mix in some tempo and hills for the other days. There's a few tight and sore spots, and I could use some core work to help balance things out. I'm weak in the core and it shows on the later intervals and in the last parts of long runs I can feel how weak my core is. I don't need to do anything extensive, just some easy maintenance and extra stretching will help too.

Oh, and A-Roid's a doper, but he was a loser to begin with (although a very rich loser that is/was dating Madonna). Yeah, that's a distraction that will be entertaining the first time they roll into Boston (the weekend after the marathon).

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