Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 12 is in the books...

This has been one of the strangest winters I've lived in... as if the 2 weeks of being snowed in wasn't enough. Tuesday kicked off the morning with snow accumulation of about an inch. Tuesday is sacred... it's my interval workout. Can't run on the field very well in snow, and the track was useless too. The trace of snow on Sunday was manageable for a long run at least...

Tuesday: 3 mile tempo (should have been 4 or repeats) on the road. Still did 5:55 average, but had to dodge snow, slush, and a truck. Made the best of the weather situation.

Wednesday: 6.2 miles moderate tempo work. Consistent pace, good run.

Thursday: Ran with the kids @ Aloha on the trails. Not the mileage I needed to get, but 4.1 easy is better than nothing.

Friday: Back to the old 'hood. Xmas Tree run with Billy. 6.9 miles, solid hills, great run. Low 7 min ave pace.

Saturday: Zoo run with the Aloha kids. Wanted to go longer, but that didn't work out. 6 miles, easy pace. Probably good to break the runs up since tomorrow would be a long run in the cold.

Sunday: Testing out the new LO route. George Rogers park through Tryon Creek, around Beth Isreal, back into LO and out Old River Rd. 15 miles, 7:22 ave pace. Felt great for that distance.

I need to get more mileage in. The quality runs are there, but not the distances that I should be doing. I'm pretty consistent in the 45 mile range (except for the week where I needed an extra rest day) and should be working up to 55-60 consistently. Patience... if I get there, I get there... if not, make the best of the long runs and interval work.

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