Monday, April 6, 2009

March Madness, Opening Day, and 2 weeks to go...

I was *this* close to being in the #1 spot in 2 brackets. Damn those Spartans! UNC baby all the way!!!

Opening day... need I say more? That's ~160 games until Soxtober for those of you who are counting (I am!). Becket's back in good shape. With the 4, 5, and 6 slots, we're deep with quality pitchers this season. Now the bats just need to make it happen!

This is it... 2 weeks to go. There's a lot going through my head as I start to think about everything that I've done and all that is left to do. The hard work is done. There really isn't anything left for me to do that can make me more prepared physically. Now it's just the mental part I need to focus on.

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - 3 x 2k @ 7:10 w/400m jog recovery

Wednesday - An easy 5.4 miles on the Nature Trail. My right calf is bugging me, so I've been working on it.

Thursday - Hard 8.3 miles @ 6:46 ave pace. Descent workout.

Friday - Moderate tempo 6.5 @ 6:53 pace

Saturday - 8.7 miles with the middle 6 @ 6:35 average pace.

Sunday - Hilly 15 miles, good pace (7:22 ave). Felt tired, but OK.

Nutrition is very important from here on out. No crap food.


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