Sunday, March 29, 2009

3 weeks and March Madness...

As the Beatles once said, I get by with a little help from my friends...

So the brain trust that inspires me gave me some words of wisdom, a little tongue lashing, and some positive reinforcement. 'Nuff said about the sickness. I got down with the sickness... and am on the road to recovery.

Monday - off day

Tuesday - took one last sick day just to be safe.

Wednesday - an easy 6.3 miles @ 6:53 pace.

Thursday - easy 7.2 through the woods @ 7:21 pace.

Friday - took a recovery day to travel up to Seattle.

Saturday - 8.3 around Lake Union @ 6:48 pace. Crappy Seattle weather... it was pouring.

Sunday - 2 loops around Lake Union for 13.9 miles @ 6:50 pace. At least it didn't rain but damn it was cold out...

Do I feel better, yes. Am I ready, I will be. Race day is in 3 weeks. Cool.

As for March Madness... yeah, I nailed it this year. I'm quite happy with 3 of 4 teams picked for the Final Four, and my 2 Championship teams look to be the right picks for the National Championship. My brackets were lagging, but I knew that a MSU win over Louisville would move me right back into position for the win.

3 games to go!

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