Sunday, January 25, 2009

Notch another week...

One thing is for certain, it was a much better week than the previous one. I have to remember to take it one run at a time, and there will be good runs and there will be some bad ones too. The encouragement that I'm getting is very positive, as well as some great tips from my fellow BAC runners.

Monday: Love the rest day, can't go wrong there.
Tuesday: 4 x Mile on the grass @ 5:50. I slowed down on the last 2 to 5:55 and 6:00, but the grass is slow and I wear down faster on it.
Wednesday: Due to scheduling, had to pack in a shorter run in the late afternoon. Only 4.7 miles, but it was a quality recovery run from Tuesday's interval training.
Thursday: Great run through the Nature Trail, 6.3 miles.
Friday: Death by tempo - the plan was warm-up, then 2 miles tempo on the track out to the berm and grass for the next 2 miles, then finishing up 2 miles on the track. Actual - 2 mile tempo on the track @ 5:55 pace, 1/2 mile recovery (5 minutes), then 2 mile tempo on the track @ 5:55 pace. I was within a few seconds of goal pace @ 2 miles, so it was a quality workout.
Saturday: Wanted to go longer, but had some other commitments to take care of (more on that later). 7 miles @ a nice 7:05 ave.
Sunday: What the #$%#$??? Snow again... but only a trace and manageable. Started out at the MJCC, up to Terwilleger, down Barbur to the Esplanade, back up to Terwillger following the Shamrock 15k route, 2 laps on the Wilson track, and finish @ MJCC. Just under 14 miles and considering the weather and traction at times, a good run.

Life has a funny way of putting things into perspective sometime. This week I dedicate to the memory of Becky West. A young girl that fought so hard against osteo-carcinoma all through high school. She walked with her classmates and graduated in 2007 on time after fighting the cancer for so long. This last Monday night, the day before Obama's innaguration, she passed away. Although I did not know her personally, she was at one time a student of my wife's. She was also a close friend with some of the kids I coached this last fall.

No one should have to lose their child at such a young age. Lance Armstrong has 2 numbers on his Trek Madone, 1275, the number of days he was in retirement, and 27.5, the number of people (in millions) that died of cancer in those 1275 days. I've lost several family members to cancer, and am fortunate enough to have several that have also survived cancer.

This is for you Becky, rest in peace.

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