Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 weeks... and illness

So, I'm trying to keep positive here, but this just bites. 4 weeks to go and I'm sick. Upper resperatory gunk... I'm taking meds and will see how this plays out. If I can't get back into this by Tuesday, then it's off to the doc I go. Not what I want to have happen, but I guess it's better now than to have it happen with 1 or 2 weeks left.

Monday - rest

Tuesday - not bad considering the residual dead legs from the race. 3 sets of 1k, 600m, 400m, with 400 jog recovery between intervals and sets: 3:44, 2:10, 83, 3:33, 2:03, 81, 3:26, 2:02, 74

Wednesday - took it easy and went to the track to watch the kids. Did warm ups and cool downs with them, a light 3 miles thinking I'd get in a solid Thursday-Sunday.

Thursday - 8.7 at a moderate tempo, just under 7 min pace. Felt easy, but I did notice that I'm fighting off a cold now.

Friday - that's it... I'm sick. Taking the day off. Should be 6-8 with a tempo push in the middle.

Saturday - still sick... missed out on what should have been 8-10 at moderate tempo.

Sunday - and I'm sick... and frustrated. This was supposed to be my last hard long run in training, 18-22 with some tempo pushes.

I need to kick this cold ASAP and get back on track... nothing but focus on the day from here on out. 4 weeks to go.

On a side note, I did get to watch 6 NCAA games live this year at the Rose Garden. Very cool, great games! It's all about the Madness...

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damita_del_mar said...

Sending good thoughts your way! Run Forrest Run!