Sunday, March 8, 2009

6 weeks to go...

42 days... wow! That's all that's left to go before race day. Crazy...

As I mentioned last week, there's bad days and good days, bad weeks and good weeks. This week was a good one after recovering from whatever it was that had me down for a day. I'm glad it passed. Now if we'd only get our normal spring weather and not this arctic blast things would be easier.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Killer workout - 16x400m @ 80-83, 100m recovery jog (35 seconds on average). Last 2 were 78 and 77. Great way to start off the week. Consistency makes me feel good.

Wednesday: Screwy work schedule, but got in 7 up on Fairmount. Was supposed to be easy, but ended up with 7.2 miles @ 6:42 pace. Oops...

Thursday: Easy group run w/BAC. 6.5 miles @ 7:02 pace. Felt a little sluggish, but that's OK.

Friday: Hard tempo work today. Did 9.8 miles, first 8 were at MP, so I was 6:30-6:35 (a little fast), but the weather was great and I had on new shoes... finished with a 6:43 ave pace.

Saturday: Easy 5.8 miles. Shortest run in a while, but needed the recovery after hammering a lot Friday. 6:50 average for a nice short jaunt.

Sunday: Spring forward and lost my group... it's easier for me to slow it down with those guys. Oh well... 15.9 miles at 7:19 ave pace. It felt very easy, and that was my goal.

Next week will have some easy tapering towards the end as I get ready for the Shamrock 15k. This will be my first real test in a long time. It should be very interesting. The goal is to go steady, in control, and hit my pace.

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