Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bumps in the road...

One of the things that I teach my runners is that you need to expect the bad days (or weeks) along with the good ones. This goes for races as well. They are facts of life. You will have good days, great days, and not so good ones. I've learned to accept these things, not like I have a choice...

Overall, to put things into perspective, I can't complain about where I'm at physically and mentally (well, maybe a little... it's human nature). I have 7 weeks to go... 49 days. Wow... objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. I hadn't looked at it this way until just now.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Was supposed to do 3 x 2 mile @ 10k tempo, legs weren't 100%, so I changed it to 3 x 1.5 mile @ 10k tempo. Went 8:13, 8:18, 8:30... meh, I think I was mentally not there as well as not fully recovered from Sunday's long run.

Wednesday: 7.3 miles @ 6:49 ave pace. Felt better, but still a little fatigued.

Thursday: Right leg was bothering me, not sure if it was mild IT band, hip/lower back, or fatigue... so I went easy and did 7.2 @ 7:19 ave on the Nature Trail and Berm.

Friday: Definitely fighting something here. Exhausted, achy, not good at all today. Taking the day off - went home early and slept for a few hours. Got some extra sleep that night too (~10 hours).

Saturday: Error on the side of caution... taking a second day of rest. I don't want to do that, but I'm going to listen to my body on this one.

Sunday: Went 10.4 today and felt good. Not great, but good. I'll take it. 6:49 ave pace over 10.4 and I felt like it was an easy tempo.

197 miles for February, up from January's totals (and also a short month with 2 extra rest days) and only 32 miles for this last week.

I'd like it if my right leg was feeling 100%, but I'll work on it and just watch it daily this week. I should be in the 50-70 range...

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